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L3GD20HTR LGA16 Gyro sensor

Price: 2.2 USD

OV5640 170 degree wide angle lens 500-megapixel camera module OV5640-A28

Price: 18.2 USD

OV5647 5 megapixel camera chip Image Sensor OV5647 IC OV5647 sensor

Price: 2.8 USD

RS232 SP3232 Serial to TTL RS232 to TTL communication module serial module Brush module

Price: 3.6 USD

CC2500 PA LNA Long-range 2.4GHz 22dBm wireless module CC2500+PA+LNA

Price: 8 USD

10pcslot DS3231 AT24C32 IIC Module Precision Clock Module DS3231SN Memory module (with out battary)

Price: 12 USD

20PCS CD4081BE DIP-14 CD4081 DIP14 TI Quad 2 Input OrAnd Gates

Price: 9 USD

LS-Y201 Open source camera with infrared JPEG TTL serial port camera photo

Price: 38 USD

100% New original 30PCS. PIC12F629-IP , 12F629 ,PIC12F629 DIP-8

Price: 19.9 USD

SQD-609 M215HGE-L10 M185XW01 VD M215HW01 VB 6-pin LED boost board boost

Price: 3.1 USD

100 PCS MCP73831T-2ACIOT MCP73831T-2ACI SOT-23-5 MCP73831

Price: 8.5 USD

10PCS MIC29302WU TO-263 MIC29302 29302WU High-Current Low-Dropout Regulators

Price: 6.7 USD


Price: 13.49 USD

100% New 10 PCS TL084CN DIP-14 TL084

Price: 2.4 USD

BTM870-B CSR8670 stereo Bluetooth audio module (supports I2S audio output)

Price: 10 USD

NEW 1 pcs - MQ-137 , MQ137 Ammonia sensor winsen

Price: 28.91 USD

20pcs ,NEW ORIGINAL TPS51125 QFN24 TPS51125RGE TPS51125RGER 51125 Notebook computer COMMON IC

Price: 7.4 USD

100% New Original ATTINY24A-SSU ATTINY24A SOP-14

Price: 5.8 USD

100pcslot CD4001BE CD4001 TI DIP-14

Price: 10.08 USD

HEDS-9700#C50 HEDS-9700#D50 HEDS-9700#E50 HEDS-9700#F50 HEDS-9700#H50 Photoelectric encoder HEDS-9700 H9700 CDEFH

Price: 3.6 USD