If not, just rollback to the previous Synaptics driver. Additionally, if “press-to-select” is enabled, the software may generate unexpected click events by touching the pointing stick during typing. Some users claim it is easier to finely position the pointer than when using a touchpad because there is virtually no “dead zone”. It did not work. There are two different clickpads with different FRUs from two different manufacturers. Rutledge, “Graphical user interface cursor positioning device having a negative inertia On the Gateway Liberty laptop the pointing stick is above the enter key on the right side of the keyboard.

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How we collect and use information is described in our Privacy Policy. In time, the software will re-calibrate and stop the motion. Tracjpoint the teaching and presentation aid, see Pointer rod.

This page has been accessedtimes. Also, the videos and instructions on http: What a cool piece of gear and a huge upgrade for the machine. I have Windows 7, installed drivers you suggested. Best and Worst Notebook Pointing Sticks”. This is because a user’s finger may run off the edge of a touchpad while positioning the pointer, requiring them to reposition their finger in order to continue.


I also had to disconnect a few cables in the motherboard in order to be able to tradkpoint it. The 2nd mistake is, when I open the plastic black color lock on the original clickpad, I forced to make it out and cannot put it back.

The download is n19gx10w from Lenovo. Lenovo tried to repair it three times without success, then gave me a full refund under warranty. The current set up enforces an unnatural movement of the whole wrist instead of just the thumb.

– Scrolling with touchpad (ALPS drivers) won’t work

Comment 2 Peter Hutterer Description Martin Wilck Attachments results with different scaling approaches If you move the mouse directly over this pixel, a little icon appears like if the middle trackpoint button is used to scroll.

The pointing stick can be used in ultra-compact netbooks [10] where there would be no place for a touchpad.

At least the buttons work and middle button scrolling works in firefox. It looks to me as if the specialised ALPS driver has somehow stopped or gone into some kind of fall-back mode or compatibility mode.

This does not yet put the touchpad to work. If anyone runs into this problem, this site was the solution: Install the driver again then run this tool to prevent future updates by Windows: What Windows do you have? Hopefully this will stay a while!


ALPS Drivers – Trackpoint more sensitivity (not configuration) – Lenovo Community

However, I found a problem on windows10, which may update the driver automatically, then my 3 button touchpad can not work. This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

In one word, fantastic! This was your suggestion if I understood right.

ALPS Lenovo TrackPoint Driver Windows ver 8 216 1616 145

Hi, I copied your solution and indeed the middle button allows scrolling. This is based on Arch Linux, other distros may vary. On the Gateway Liberty laptop the pointing stick is above ttackpoint enter key on the right side of the keyboard. Comment 21 Martin Wilck I am planning to upgrade X touchpad to 3 button trackpad.