I shouldn’t have said I finally got to test it out before because it was really my friend who tried, and he apparently did not know how to use ASIO4all. The mixer certainly performs perfectly, and I’m not going to go down the route of arguing analog vs. Apparently more are planned, but only two will be available at any one time. First give your user account write access to HID devices, see http: The mixer back lights the inputs you have currently selected for control signal use – and you then just simply select D1 or D2 sources to receive the outputted audio from Scratch Live.

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All seems to be working fine This mixer is amazing.

The output of aplay -l shows only two audio devices so somehow Serato is talking to the mixer and asking for the correct audio feeds. It clearly works for at least one channel per the video in my earlier link. The mixer only does work in one-channel mode when not in Serato. Less than 30 hours of mixing on it.

Number of Channels 2.

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I then selected Load Preset: As you say, it’s in their interest to provide Linux support, so that more people buy their hardware. To update everyone, I finally was able to test out this setup today. asil


Anyone successfully get this mixer to work with VDJ 7? Karlos SantosOct 22, The next logical step for Rane and their software partner Serato, was to integrate their two flagship djing products a bit more closely. Doesn’t that mixer also send control signals a la MIDI? This is asioo the detective work begins: Apparently more are planned, but only two will be available at any one time. Since the thing speaks HID, you might be looking at too low a level. Performance Settings on VDJ? I can get tttm on the 2 output channels, but I can’t control with timecode records.

So my question is, are there any special USB packets sent when the user clicks these checkboxes? Owen Williams ywwg wrote on Just a quick note for those who are worried about having to buy Serato if you encounter the TTM in a club — you don’t have to buy serato. Japanese products, I can help you!

An insert point can only have one effect applied to it at a time, but both effects can be used simultaneously on different points. I’m still gonna buy it though. Can you give me the output of “aplay -l” when the Rane mixer is attached to the system?


It goes without saying that the TTM 57SL is intrinsically linked to the Scratch Live software, so the lack of visual reference on the mixer itself for the software controls is unavoidable, and is a consequence of having maximum flexibility. Aha, you’ve thrown me with the Scratch thing. However, someone recently pointed out this video on youtube which shows someone using TSP with Rane and states that he is only able to use one channel: I just cleaned the faders and made sure everything functions as it should.

The obvious benefit of the TTM 57SL additional software controls and effects processing make tym decision a lot harder than if Rane simply had combined interfaces. Do you already have an account?

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Many thanks to Rane for the loan of the unit. Unfortunately, this means that the control tone is affected by the crossfader, so it cuts out and prevents vinyl position tracking.

That sounds plausible Owen. The mixer has multiple modes, including sending out raw input, mixed output, etc.