For several reasons I have put Gentoo 1. Thanks for the tip, I will try that tonight or tomorrow. Ok I checked for wlan-ng. New Orleans, Louisiana, U. What I am going to try next is compile the drivers for that card as a module and have them load at boot up.

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This is logged like this:. Hope this helps some, arand. Fri Apr 25, 4: Fri Jun 20, 4: The debug messages for different modules can be separately enabled and disabled the module is printed in brackets.

Atmel/Atmel AT76C502A (503A,505,505A) based wireless PCMCIA (USB) devices

What version of the atmel driver are you using? I think it might be one of a couple of reasons that I will be trying out to fix soon but I was wondering if anyone had ideas.

At somepoint I will check this out. I am trying to get a wireless NIC working with my laptop. Here is what I wasically did to get this work. Everything loads perfectly now. Sun Apr 27, 7: However when I unplugged the laptop from AC power so that the APM would switch over and say that I was running on batteries the computer would unlock.


Just in case anyone is amel following this thread, you might want to try saying no to the “set extra module version information. Fri Jun 06, 6: For instructions on how to recompile a kernel look here https: You might want to try thatn new driver? The result is a 3. Tue Apr 22, 9: I have been unsuccessful so far and was wondering if there was someone that had done this before and could help.

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Pxmcia restart pcmcia and I can get the card back up. Or can’t configure it. Wed Apr 23, 8: Fri Jun 20, These blocks also have 2 threads on the front side to mount the bezel.

The Target firmware is written in C and about 59KiByte in size mainly due to string constants and inlining what effectively doubles the size of the real code. I don’t even have to edit the source files anymore.


You can use the modified libraries for any purpose the terms of Cadsoft apply if I overlooked something and this is not allowed. Sun Jun 22, 8: Wed Apr 23, 3: Well I finally got it figured out and working. I’ve got my wifi card working, it’s one with the atmel chipset in it. I will give it a shot next time I recompile my kernel.