It took me 17 installs to get this to work. For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. Works out of Box Processor: Retrieved from ” http: The exact reason I believe is that it cant write to the hard disk.

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Press y for yes and hit enter. Also need to figure out how to get the screen rotation to work.

Then I booted installator from 16GB pendrive to make usb installator you can for example use diskutility in mac os x. The desktop is bypn visible, but with much distortion and many artifacts.

AppleSetupDone and hit enter.

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Also, I am not sure if this is an issue with the operating system power management for a real issue, but: AppleSetupDone”; 6 run command “passwd” and choose a root password; 7 copy natit. Using the USBSleep fix off the iDeneb install helps the system actually enter into sleep mode without the computer screen just went blank but stayed powered on but when the system comes out of sleep, the keyboard and mouse no longer work nor the pen. Try playing a movie with Quicktime Player.


Dont forget to enable Inkwell. For the most part, it’s a very plain install. Got the fingerprint scanner working – just download and install the following program: Type exit hit enter. The phones plug into a USB adapter, the good thing is, regular speakers can be plugged into that adapter as well.

So once that was done, I took on the task of getting the Tablet functions to work properly. Everything works out fine. I stupidly installed the Leopard Graphics Update 1. Directions did say there bbyon problems with Please add hardware into tables.

Driver Byon M31F G S

Select your language click next than go up top and click on utilities and click on the disk tool. Now we need bon setup the password for the account root. It will now load up. I selected the SSE2 system patch or whatever it isand i think that’s all you need in the installation. Evenetually it WILL show you byonn little screen saying that it installed successfully and is now rebooting.

byln For more info see my review at http: Restore downloaded installator image to usb pendrive and after that install chameleon 2. Best avoid this update on this machine. I had to take my laptops HDD and put it in my external HDD case and instal it on my moms dell which has a core duo T processor to install, as bbyon forgot a file which prevents booting on SSE2 at the install, then I moved it back to the laptop and presto, it works.


I used Azalia Audio driver from Uphuck Once you have it working, get YAY now click on install! Links and kexts here. Please see the discussion page for proper instructions on how to input your system specs.

Reboot byin laptop when done and unplug the external monitor! Then follow this guide: Bypassed this by booting with -s switch and creating a root password. I repaired permissions after install and did a reboot again with the -f flag just to make sure it was loaded and running smooth.