The EM draws up to 2. I had isolated two of the sides of the control box and left two for small ventilation, but if it works after proper dry will isolate the other two sides too The Temma PC Jr. This is a free and fully recommended. Perhaps you are not unparking the mount within SGP… I downloaded the driver here so I can at least give a screenshot or two.

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I’m warning you these activities are punishable by intellectual property law. But the periodic error of my EM measured to be smooth and well within the specification of 10 arc-seconds. I hcuck the remote option for convenience, allowing good stars for the tracking without being affected by the use of such restrictive filters in the filter wheel of main camera.

Yodasee where I live.

Temma by Takahashi ASCOM Driver

I cannot show you this…as I have no mount connected to this computer. The latest TheSky build is available here. If it is a mount problem then it will have to be sent away.

It’s a strange one. But its database is quite limited and it is missing many features that anyone used to TheSky will sorely miss.

All covered with concrete, insulation and paving stone. Currently tema is drying in the office till manage to steal some time. May be my setup is wrong! I drive my mount off a 24V “wall wart” style AC adapter in the backyard and in the field off two 12V gel cells wired in series. It is ideal for the itinerant observers wishing to take advantage of their optical tubes under the best night skies, like for instance TOA refractor or Mewlon reflector.


The EM Temma PC Jr fits this bill primarily because it combines the precision features needed for imaging with light weight needed for portability the head weighs 24 lbs.

The EM and Sky90 can each be packed into a pelican case. TheSky V5 build 5. It guides for more than a hour now with pulse guide commands way longer than normal.

Connect with Taka Temma EM – Equipment Compatibility – Main Sequence Software

Sign In Sign Up. With this system it is not necessary to use the focal length of the main telescope for guiding. The problem is that when I try to make a connection to the mount it gives error. The worm period is approximately 10 minutes.

I’m presuming here that you’ve cleaned all connections and non are loose. My imaging configuration consists of: ASCOM includes drivers for a variety of telescopes and mounts. For this, connect to the mount the link button to the right of the spanner …this will bring up the mount control screen.

Since its temmma, the STLM, 35mm format, has been used in the hands of some of the best astrophotographers in the world to produce some of the most stunning astrophotos ever produced by amateur astronomers. Details on the revised Software Bisque Temma driver can be found here. Just in general, these systems need you to use the same ports for the same jobs consistently, as you no doubt know, but just in case Again, it is hard to give a good reply without going off the board and trying some stuff.


Restarted the PHD and since then didn’t succeed chkck make connection with the mount that night at all. Have you temam another laptop? But, being away from the scope limits what I can do or chuc you.

I’d try an all new guiding software. Great news – glad to be of help.

Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to temmma social media functions and to analyse our traffic. There are encoders built into the system, but these encoders are located on the worms so they only measure driven mount movements.