How can I print with the same fonts I used before? I followed your instructions exactly, and installed your driver exactly as you told me to. Before I saw your printer recommendations on this page or: When printing from WPDOS, you may find that extra pages with nonsense characters are printed at the end of every print job. ALL file to your printer file directory; select your new printer in WordPerfect. After a few seconds, close PrintFile.

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Datalogic QuickScan Desk – L D2330 Laser Scanner

If you want to print envelopes with DeskJet 9xx and later models, see the note on envelopes below. Create a new printer and set its port to NUL: The euro symbol is supported in printers that include the euro symbol in hardware starting with the HP LaserJet, and models. Emulators, as the name implies, emulate the functions of one system on another. If your old documents do not print correctly after you install the driver for your new printer, that may be because, by default, when you open an old document, WordPerfect temporarily switches to the printer driver that was current when you last saved the document.

Compared with older WordPerfect drivers, these drivers also include improved support for non-English characters, and add support for the euro symbol. The Linux community provide a number of databases that can help. WordPerfect for Unix 5. But you can very easily find out for yourself. Java Basics, Part 1 Java is a high-level programming language.


I have tried to include complete support for the extensive sets of resident fonts in recent Lexmark models. These drivers are written by the author of emu,ation site, and are not endorsed or supported by Corel, Hewlett Packard, or anyone else. What’s wrong with you? For example, if you have an HP LaserJet Pdn, search for “” no quotation marks and make sure that you find a printer name that closely matches your own.

A Linux distribution like SUSE often requires user intervention to complete a new driver printer install. If you get error messages when you try to download files from Corel’s driver download pagesee this site’s troubleshooting guide for Corel downloads.

Please do not write to me to d23330 that this is inconvenient and time-wasting and that I should not have allowed it to happen; find the original WordPerfect programmers and complain to them. Compliance is Emklation Enough: Creating a UU2 configuration is more problematic if an example of the physical printer emulatio no longer available.

Note that a LaserJet “series” includes all models that begin with the listed number, so that the “HP LaserJet series” includes the LaserJet n, tn, dtn, dtns, dtnsl, etc.

My printer uses a parallel cable to connect to the computer, but my new computer does not have a parallel port. How do you pause such a printer or make it offline?

How can I emulate a ‘fake’ printer (driver) in Windows? – Super User

Full instructions may be found on HP’s web site. Each QuickScan L reader comes with multiple interfaces which cover the most popular interfaces and includes various packaging options so that it can be ordered as the scanner only or as a kit equipped with a scanner, cable and stand to facilitate hand-free reading options. So if the file you downloaded was named “Wp51hp4k. See the first of the frequently-asked questions on this page for further information.


If you can’t choose the paper-size definition that you used before you installed this driver, see this site’s instructions for creating paper-size definitions in WPDOS.

I cannot guarantee that these drivers will work with your specific printer! What can I do? Print a file to make certain that everything works.

Or, alternatively, if you really want to know the answer, make an extremely generous contribution to this siteand I will try to find the answer for you. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of d23300privacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Virtual Devices

For use with the QuickScan Laser and Imager. It is also possible for a computer to emulate another type of computer. If you have a recent-model HP LaserJet that is able to print in PostScript mode, but you insist on using Ghostscript instead of the printer’s native PostScript mode, you can get dpi output by printing to any of the following Ghostscript devices: