I map the medkit on digital axis or keys I use all the time. Hand-picking the best in gaming. This truly is RPG art. New Graphic Card – Eduke32 doesn’t work anymore I’ll do that tomorrow. The Main theme is from Lee Jackson, not from Mark. They were small fixes but they were really needed for the netgamers. For open spaces, the RPG is not as efficient as it is too slow.

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Its because of how the polymost engine runs, still has bugs.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Connectors are used for players to connect to each others.

JonoF’s Duke Nukem 3D Port (JFDuke3D)

New Graphic Card – Eduke32 doesn’t work anymore Its because of how the polymost engine runs, still has bugs. Originally Posted by The Commander. I avoid walking in vents during a deathmatch or keep closing doors.

They will get Duke’s full size back immediately.

Mouse is now faster, smoother. Your OpenGL implementation doesn’t support glow mapping. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. As a consequence, the gamers playing multiplayers and netgames eventually stopped playing the Rancidmeat port at the end of Sign in Create account Sign in.


High Resolution Pack

What kind of Duker are you? Then I read in the internet that Catalyst drivers aren’t the best choise and that kind of problems are known. Sound effects are now sharper and they sound as in the real DOS duke3d. Some things may not work as they should or don’t work at all. Any help would be appreciated.

*** Duke Nukem 3D – xDuke – A full GNU Duke3d for Windows ***

Out Of Synch error multiplayer when using console in pause mode. Get any footprint calculator, for example this one: I use RPG inside, shotgun outside but the Pistol is the most powerful weapon in open spaces.

You can still use external con files if you like. Originally Posted by Tea Monster. At worst, your opponent will shoot an RPG Rocket and both of you will die. If they do, post your eduke Time to upgrade dont you think.

New Graphic Card – Eduke32 doesn’t work anymore Judging from the amount of non-supported OpenGL features, I could guess you don’t have proper graphics card drivers installed. You are a good player, already beyond the average. Openhl recently bought Duke3D for the first time a couple nuke ago, downloaded Eduke32, and played original atomic duke nukem and I must say I was impressed.


Hosted Laval University for educative purposes source code, 3D engine, networks, project management, distribution and social behavior.

You can try the “-forcegl” command line parameter and see if things work okay for you. It’s just strange unssupported Sam ran perfect that one time.

It runs with x as well as with x I just played Prey and it works perfect! Changing the screen resolution doesn’t change performence.

JonoF’s Games and Stuff : JFDuke3D

No need to call the videodriver on gameexit. Otherwise, you will trap yourself more than trapping the opponent.

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