While I did not fool with the USB input cough cough , the fact that it is limited to Discrete Op-Amp Rolling Burson Discrete Op-amp If one thought OPA was expensive, Burson discrete op-amps are an order of magnitude more expensive, not to mention the massive size compared to the ordinary op-amps. Here we have a marvelous product a gifted mod expert has made even better, and I thought that had to be an impossible feat. The output RCA connectors are standard fare. But that was while listening to LPs.

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Another reason for the purchase was the M2Tech OEM asynchronous USB input which is capable of transmission up to kHz, which opens up the world of computer audio without having to go through many hoops. The big Eastern Electrics not only held their own, but in my opinion and that of a few others at the event, surpassed the Einsteins.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

To appreciate Alex’s ascendant to becoming the designer of a now quite comprehensive catalogue of valve kit, eastsrn look over his shoulder during the Hifi Show in Hong Kong. This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly popular for obvious reasons.

One would expect and hope that more money does buy higher performance. OPA probably adds a tiny bit of girth to lower-mid to upper-bass as well, which can sound more impressive.

6moons audio reviews: Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC

I am finding myself appreciating the reflected sounds of instruments within the hall where the band was recorded, the breathiness of brass mouthpieces, the strike of trumpet valve caps and the players quietly humming along, all while still being very, very musical. Within that border, the stock EE amazed me as I could still identify shapes. More like a piece of art than a techie geek mibimax. With so many different combinations of tweaks available, it is easy to lose oneself among the slew of op-amps and tubes.


The Eastern Electric box worked on detail whilst the Trafomatic integrated added harmonic textures. As an observer, I felt the stock unit presented a very wide soundstage, even wider with the silver fuse and wider yet with the modded EE. The Eastern Electric MiniDac needs no introduction to Stereomojo readers, we rac the world’s first review of it a fastern of years ago. I think when Mike and John were describing the voluminous space and how well it was defined, I think part of what they were hearing was the magnificent job of rendering the microscopic molecules of the sometimes thousands of easterrn reflections; long, short, wide, narrow, loud and soft bouncing off everything from the microphone itself to walls, lighting fixtures, rugs and even people that constitute ambient audio.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

I very quickly started to feel surrounded by the music whereas before it was far more 2 dimensional. A few weeks ago, I received an email from publisher James Darby. Think big, soft, billowy cumulus clouds; those are the Mini.

THAT made my toes quiver, my liver wriggle, my head sway, and my hips turn around twice while my feet remained planted in the same spot. The LEDs are not overly large or bright, and I love those imnimax silver knobs that stand out against the anodized black faceplate and chassis.

Living in a Cloud of Denial. I had never picked this out before, so I went back and listened again. For example, if a particular performer were in an isolated booth, I could pick that out. Is There A Conclusion? An upgraded cable is a ust for digital things.


Then think thin, streaky, puny Stratus clouds; those are older or cheaper DACs. With both pro DACS, the sax was solidly there in space, but there was a minlmax of fuzziness associated with the edges of the image of the instrument.

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC (ESS) |

I like ice cream. All listening comparisons were done with Redbook files due to the limitations of the USB receiver chip mentioned earlier.

It pretty much did what the recording dictated. Given my long-term favorable impressions of the tubed output, I can only say that Alex Yeung also did a wonderful job of designing and implementing a solid-state output circuit! When I got the thing. Tried it with Tube mode on and Just 2 V5 Opamps — step backwards for me now — plus from what I can gather the best way to run the Minimax if you use Opamps only is to pull the tube out.

Simply the idea of such a dramatic change is difficult to wrap my head around. LM dual These sound like what OPA should have sounded like, ,inimax clearly-lit outlines with nice amount of texture and micro-detail. If you have owned tube gear, you know how sound can be tailored by your choice of tubes…if you never owned tube gear…well, now you KNOW.

The DAC when modified, gave me more of that immediacy, urgency that I feel when hearing that first contact.