Note if you change the audio selected devices, then Sonic Pi will NOT realise any changes have been made until you restart it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If you see a flag saying More information click on it too. This uses as a destination the buffer described at the end of the first line. After your hub system executes the code of another language, by simply piping the yields of those programs through Extinct, your hub system gobbles up that data in ETF. The final new introduction I want to mention is the easy availability of OSC messaging.

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[erlang-questions] help: Erlang MIDI driver for MAC OS X

The key is the midi connections entry on the Edit Menu. Notify me of new comments via email. However you can control the volume of the incoming signal. All erlag these and more can be catered for in Sonic Pi.

Erlang OSC Application |

You are commenting using your WordPress. Midl a supporter you will also gain access to interim development releases of Sonic Pi along the way. Not an ID 1, 9 This takes a few seconds, but eventually you will see the connection lists updated: Now amend the program as shown below, and rerun.

Note if you still have GarageBand and or MuseScore running then they will play along too! You can configure it to act as a player using the built in fluid synth software synthesiser, or to act edlang a simple keyboard.


I have used it a lot with the development version of Sonic Pi over the last few months. Again, the OSC protocol can be learned about here. mixi

What about Mickey Mouse? At the normal bpm setting of 60 this can be up to 16 seconds long. The tune, note durations and volumes for each note are held in three rings. If it is very quiet, try changing the amp: However first, we can check it out even more quickly, mkdi combining it with our midi send program recently discussed.

Using the set and get functions keeps things in order. Examples of such improvements are scheduler specific timer wheels, scheduler specific BIF timer management, parallel retrieval of monotonic time and system time on systems with primitives that are not buggy.

If you like Sonic Pi and use it, and particularly if you want to see it developed further consider supporting Sam via the patreon site on https: Note the message about restarting MuseScore.

Double click the image below to expand it. Sign up using Email and Password.

To handle this Sonic Pi utilises its cue and sync system. So much for midi output. I tried GarageBand and MuseScore2.

Juggling & gluing with Extinct

Also midi control signals can cause events. You can drag and drop midi files on to it and either play them in the built in sound module, or you can select any available midi device from a drop down menu. To do the same thing in MuseScore2, launch that app. This was helped by the development of two small applications by Luis Lloret to convert midi messages to osc messages as they came into Sonic Pi, and osc message to midi information as it left sonic pi for the outside world.


These are controlled by rings containing the volume setting for each iteration of the loops which are synced together. The biz logic requires that, if a request, Rsits in the pool for T seconds without been matched, I need to make a reply to R saying something like “I cannot find a match for you”. If you now play the program again, both sendosc loops will broadcast the tune, but the second one delayed by the time for the first two lines of Frere Jaques to play.

You may have to get quite close to the mike to get sufficient input. These have included a substantial midi player controller project, that lets you choose synths, envelopes, volumes, pan settings etc of Sonic Pi utilising it as a 16 track midi player, with built in support for a full GM midi drumkit as well. There are OSC monitors that can be built or used, but they can require a bit of setting up, so to keep things simple we will use Sonic Pi to send OSC messages to itself.