Connecting The Power 2. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Why does my Joybook Lite seem to turn off itself after a certain period of inactivity? What should I do if a program on Windows freezes? If your Joybook Lite cannot display images at the default resolution, please visit the BenQ web site to download and update the latest Joybook Lite display drivers. A confirmation message appears. There is a high risk of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced.

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If you intend to use discs to restore your system and reinstall the bundled applications and software programs that came with your Joybook Lite, insert the recovery discs and the Application and Drivers DVD created using QDataTrove into the optical drive of or connected with your Joybook Lite, and follow the on-screen instructions. Deselect Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Safety information about the battery Caution: You need to get the account from the mail service provider before you proceed with account setup on your Joybook Lite.

BenQ Joybook Lite U101 User Guide

This function allows you to create recovery discs from factory default system image or your own backup system image. For details about what should be included in the package, refer to the Product Specification label on the product carton.

Place the battery on its original position 1and then slide “Battery retainer A” to drvice lock position 2.


A short-circuit may cause severe damage to the battery. Using the built-in webcam With the built-in webcam on the inside top of the lid above the screen, you can capture still images and record videos. This set of deivce controls access to the whole BIOS setup menu. Contains answers to jak asked questions about the Joybook Lite as well as additional tips. Backing up your system Do not place the Joybook Lite in the vicinity of strong magnetic fields.

Click to capture still images; click to start recording. Using Bluetooth available On Selected Models Using Bluetooth available on selected models The Bluetooth function allows you to get connected to various 4. Check the Power button indicator.

Browse the Joybook Lite to select the file you want to send, and click Open. Contains answers to frequently asked questions about the Joybook Lite as well as additional tips. On the top left corner of the Main screen devoce any module, there are two icons that allow you to switch to another module easily.

The status is indicated by the on-screen display. Downloaded 48 Getting from startedLpManual. Once the VGA cable is connected properly, simultaneous display will be available on your Joybook Lite and the external display device automatically. Refer to the illustration below to locate the digit product serial devive on the bottom side of your Joybook Lite and write it down.

Bottom components 1 Battery retainer A Secures the battery in place.

Drivers >>> JACK Wireless Device U101B driver

Security menu The Security menu contains the security settings, which safeguard your system against unauthorized use. Click the button to select Full System Restore – loss of data, you can then try devic restore your system drive to its previous state from a jaci of restore points. With the webcam, you can capture still images, record videos, and chat online.


Alternatively, you can set to let Joybook Lite play pictures while screensaver is enabled.

DWA Wireless N USB Adapter | D-Link UK

Connect the power cord to the power adapter. If security authentication is not required by the network you are using, there will be a successful message showing that you have connected to the network. Indicators 2 Hard disk activity indicator Flashes in blue when the Joybook Lite is accessing data in the hard disk.

For details, refer to the Product Specification label u1101b the product carton. It also allows you to back up all bundled applications and drivers into a disc. Disconnect the power adapter and turn over your Joybook Lite.

As far as possible, submit used batteries to be recycled. Installing Additional Memory Before you upgrade or replace memory, please power adapter and turn over your Joybook Lite.