Memory data line failure at address, read value expecting value An installed memory module may be faulty or improperly seated. Does the battery indicator flash amber or show a a steady amber light? A key on the built-in keyboard or external keyboard may have been pressed while the computer was booting. If you wait too long and your operating sytem begins to load into memory, let the system complete the load operation; then shut down the system and try again. Subtests The four subtests available in the Diskette Drives test group confirm the following drive functions: Select Quit Menu to exit the diagnostics and return to the operating system prompt. The System Set test group also verifies the proper operation of other computer components, such as the speaker, that are not tested elsewhere in the diagnostics.

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Dell Latitude CP MXT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX MHz Service manual |

For more information, see your operating system documentation. There are no user-selectable settings for the Diskette Drive A option.

If you choose the Printer option, status messages print as they occur. The AC category is set to Disabled. See No power to a Part of the Computer.

Each of these options is explained in the following subsections. Reinstall the memory modules into their sockets on the system board.

If the problem persists, see Troubleshooting a PC Card. Very often, a diskette drive problem may first appear m233st be a diskette problem. Dell recommends that you choose this option first to increase the odds of tracing the source of the problem quickly.


Drive not ready To diskette is in the diskette drive, or no hard-disk drive is in the drive bay. Dell Latitude CP The switch settings are usually on the bottom of the keyboard, sometimes behind a panel tab. A change to the Date option becomes effective immediately rebooting is not required. The external keyboard may be defective. The second line gives information about the option currently highlighted.

Dell Latitude CP suspended.

Dell Latitude CP M233XT – Latitude CP – Pentium MMX 233 MHz Manuals

Troubleshooting Procedures This section provides troubleshooting procedures for components inside your computer such as a memory module and for external devices that connect to your computer such as an external monitor. However, if your software requires frequent hard-disk drive accesses, using a higher time-out setting may save pc power and time by minimizing the number of times the harddisk drive must power up.

Instead, the printer is listed as a parallel port.

If you cannot isolate the problem after running the Diagnostics, call Dell for technical assistance. To fix this problem, correct the appropriate system setup options and n233xt your computer.

Full Duplex – Allows the computer’s audio system to play and record sounds simultaneously. If the problem persists, try another drive. Output Device lattiude Status Messages Display, Printer, File If you have a printer attached to the computer, you can use it to print the status messages, if any, that are generated when a test runs.


If this parameter is set to No, layitude diagnostics ignores subtests that require your interaction; certain subtests can run only c; this option is set to Yes because they require user interaction. Dell Latitude CP Infrared Data Port allows you to avoid resource conflicts by remapping the address of the infrared ports or disabling the port.

The computer halts in the middle of performing calculations or complex mathematical operations. Load the driver and return to step 1 to begin this procedure again. Does the drive access indicator blink during the boot routine. If Dell did not install an operating system on your hard-disk drive, the drivers, system utilities, and diagnostics are available separately from Dell.

Error Messages Error messages can be produced by an k233xt program, the operating system, or the computer.

Is the display on? This limitation is based on the number of available 8-bit direct-memory access DMA channels. Does the green power indicator light up?

If the diagnostics do not recognize the computer’s serial or infrared port, check the Serial Port or Infrared Data Port option in System Setup program to see if the port has been disabled. Then reinstall the batteries, reconnect the AC adapter, and turn on the computer. Place the computer in a dry area at room temperature.