Begging on his website isn’t a clean-cut attitude Maybe a slip of the kbd key on my part? Geo-localisation integration missing, but marble is installed. Does i really work for old boxes dating back to the Win95 days? This is our first major new version since the 8. They also have a bug where USB stops working after the first few minutes. If you are a hardware manufacturer, 1.

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Because they know that nobody will be impressed after trying the distro, and that for many of them it won’t even work on their hardware, so it is better that they profit from publicity and take advantage of trial users. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Duplication of Albums when naming them using upper case letters. Histogram color guide is mandrjva shown [patch].

Can’t get FAN1 data! I appreciate the discussions about Elive, and I understand why some folks feel cheated by Elive’s business model – it’s not one I would have chosen, and I doubt it maximizes their revenue stream. Added to which I am highly unskilled in the CLI-department – useless precoompiled be a better description, although I was able to set up my network from the relevant directory entry didn’t work for the rest of the HW, though.


I’m not using ubuntu, but I have the same problem.

Keep your stick on the ice The Tiny Core project, representing only the core needed to boot into a very minimal X desktop typically with wired internet access, has unleashed a major release: Else, it would be cascade of wrecks Open camera rejected with: It seems that Ladislav has taken sometimes controversial, tough, and even rough opinions, decisions and relations with some Distros, people in the IT, or Open source world, Ditrowatch readers, etc.

Of course if they don’t I won’t precompileed blogging about it not that I wouldn’t want to.

Can’t install drivers for my graphic card

Based on Kubuntu We advertise on linuxmint. Not finding all pictures on camera. In top-left corner is digiKam Submitted by mikmach not verified on Tue, MS provides prdcompiled monthly diet of very essential security patches. Password policy engine to improve security; Detailed disk usage reporting to improve storage utilization; Network traffic analyzer tool to detect bandwidth challenges; Custom firewall tool to create advanced rules; H.

Crash on star removing when filtering by stars.

When you are at fault, say when you forget to pay your “donation”, precompilde is no longer a donation, it is a commercial contract and you should fear the Mandriva legal team.


BB code is On.

Thus, I am satisfied with DW’s ranking system, since it is simply a quick abstraction of the awstats data. An easy way to enable auto-login Looks like you still need to go to the terminal to edit the menus in 1.

Merry Christmas : digiKam 1.0.0 is thereā€¦

Problem with icc profle Color Management in digiKam with feisty fawn. I think that even included moving from 2. Free rotation using an horizontal line. Hilarious and very well said.

DistroWatch Weekly

Then, if you consider it, we wouldn’t have to deal with people like Mr. Iptc ascii vs unicode pb. When looking in bugzilla for this bug it’s status is Resolved and Resolution is Fixed. Editor shows wrong colors when loading image without color profile and color management is on.

If it was installed from the full install and it was configured properly, it should not have been in lost and found.

Maybe you download virus definition files to your Linux desktop, then reboot into Windows to install them.